Returns & Exchanges
If you are not completely satisfied with your recent purchase, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund, provided you follow these simple steps:
  1. You must call us at 1-800-422-7142 to request a Return Authorization ("RMA"). All returns and exchanges must be accompanied by an RMA number in order to be processed properly. If your shipment arrives without an RMA number, you will not receive a refund. You must include your RMA number on the shipping label of your return. We must receive your return package within 30 days from the date you received your purchase.
  2. You are responsible for return shipping costs. For your convenience, there may be a UPS Prepaid Return Label contained in your shipment. If you choose to use this UPS Prepaid Return Label, you will be charged the flat fee shown on your Returns slip, which will be deducted from your refund. Simply affix that label to the outer carton, fill in your RMA number and give the package to your UPS carrier or drop it off at any store that accepts UPS parcels or at any UPS collection box. You may also ship using your preferred carrier. You may return your purchase using a carrier other than UPS. We recommend that you use a trackable method of shipment. If your shipment is lost for any reason and you do not have proof of delivery, you will not receive a refund. You must include your RMA number on the shipping label of your return.
  3. Pack your return carefully. The package you return to us must include all items from your original purchase, including the radio receiver and all accessories, manuals, and warranty cards. The cost of any missing or damaged items will be deducted from your refund. All returns must be in new or like-new condition to be eligible for a refund. If you are using the original shipping carton for your return, remove all old shipping labels or markings in advance.
  4. If you purchased a subscription with your radio, or if you activated your radio, you must also cancel your subscription plan. Returning your radio does not cancel your subscription. Some subscription plans are non-refundable or may carry early termination fees. Please check the terms and conditions of your offer carefully before calling for a return. If you received a promotional discount on your radio or accessory because of your subscription purchase, we must receive your return within 30 days of the date you received your purchase or the promotional discount will be deducted from your refund, which may result in a charge to you.
  5. Processing. Please allow up to 8 weeks for your credit to be processed. You should see your net refund as a credit to your billing statement within one to two billing cycles.
When you have everything ready to go, please send your package to:

XM Satellite Radio
c/o Dot Com Dist.
300 Nixon Lane
Edison, NJ 08837
Charges and fees

You are responsible for all shipping and equipment charges.

Additional charges may apply for cancellation of your service (see XM Terms & Conditions). Please note that we can only process returns or exchanges for product purchased directly from us on
Extra charges and refunds

We reserve the right to charge you for new equipment, and shipping. If we verify that the returned product is defective, we will refund the shipping and replacement equipment charges. Processing of refunds and credits may take up to eight weeks.
What if I need to exchange my equipment?

Call Customer Care at 1-800-422-7142