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Sirius Sportster Replay Radio and Car Kit

Model #: SP-TK2

Change the way you listen to sports, music talk and entertainment by pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding up to 44 minutes of content. Track your favorite teams' scores and scroll through the list of recent songs to pick the ones you want to hear again.

Sirius Sportster Replay Plug & Play Sirius is the place for sports…and the Sirius Sportster Replay was created to maximize the listening experience of the broad sports lineup, including complete coverage of the NFL®, NBA®, college sports and more. Want to hear a score again, need to run to the fridge to refill the dip or pause to take a phone call? No problem! You can even see a list of the last 44 minutes worth of Sirius content you listened to and choose to replay a song from the list.

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