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SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit & Portable Speaker Dock

Model #: SXPL1V1-SXABB2

With the Onyx Plus we’ve combined our most advanced technology with exciting features to create the optimal listening experience in or out of your vehicle.

What you'll get:

XM Onyx Plus - The Satellite Radio the ultimate listening experience, See full color album art while you listen; Start songs from the beginning with TuneStart™; Create your own music channel by blending your favorite channels with TuneMix™; Pause, rewind, and replay on your favorite channels for up to 30 minutes; Sports fans - never miss a game or score again with game and score alerts, and sports ticker; and the ability to listen in multiple vehicles with just one subscription.

Portable Speaker Dock – The Listen-where-you-want sound system for Sirius and XM Radios, featuring rich, room-filling sound; a concealed handle for easy portability; and the ability to connect to other audio devices.

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