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XM XpressRCi with Vehicle Kit & Portable Speaker Dock (Reconditioned)


Listening doesn’t have to end in the driveway. With the XM XpressRCi and Portable Speaker Dock bundle, you can go from the car to the kitchen without missing a beat.

What you’ll get:

XM XpressRCi – The Loaded-with-features Satellite Radio for your vehicle and beyond, featuring a customizable, color, split-screen display; alerts when your favorite artists, songs or teams are playing on live radio; and the ability to pause, rewind & replay up to 60 minutes of live radio.

Portable Speaker Dock – The Listen-where-you-want sound system for Sirius and XM Radios, featuring rich, room-filling sound; a concealed handle for easy portability; and the ability to connect to other audio devices.

SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock

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