Onyx EZ with Vehicle Kit and Portable Speaker Dock plus Travel Mug

Model # XEZ1V1-SXSD2-MUG2

  • Description
    You don't need to stop listening when you pull in the driveway. With the XM Onyx EZ and Portable Speaker Dock SD2 bundle, you can go from the car to the kitchen to the living room without missing a beat. This high fidelity bundle with radio, car kit and speaker dock is easy to use and easy to move.

    Plus enjoy a free Travel Mug with your radio & speaker dock. This 16 oz. travel mug features double wall foam insulation and a leak-resistant slider lid. It will maintain heat for about 2 hours and cold for about 4 hours. Imported.
  • Features

    What you'll get:

    XM Onyx EZ:
    This satellite radio features an easy-to-read display listing artist name, song, or program title and channel information all at the same time. Easy installation through your existing vehicle radio gets you going quickly and the ability to store 10 channels for one-touch access gives you total control.

    Portable Speaker Dock SD2:
    The listen-where-you-want sound system for SiriusXM Radios boasts a powerful subwoofer that delivers hard-hitting bass response. When you are ready to move the party, a concealed handle lends easy portability and open ports allow the ability to connect to other audio devices.
  • Product Specs
    • Connectors: XM Onyx Radio Radio: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo male to 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo male Portable Speaker Dock: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) female

    • Weight: Portable Speaker Dock: 7.7 lbs (3.5 Kg) without batteries

    • Dimensions: XM Onyx EZ Radio: 4.0 in (width) x 2.6 in (height) x 1.2 in (depth) 102 mm (width) x 65 mm (height) x 31 mm (depth) Portable Speaker Dock: 19 in (width) x 7 in (height) x 8.5 in (depth) 487 mm (width) x 179 mm (height) x 216 mm (depth)

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    Includes everything you need to hear SiriusXM through your existing vehicle stereo with easy, do-it-yourself installation. See what's required

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