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SiriusXM Music for Business BR3 Streaming Player

Model # GDI-SXBR3

  • Description
    This Music for Business Streaming Radio is the 3rd-generation of SiriusXM’s most popular streaming player, and works elegantly in a single-site business environment while having the capacity to scale to support multi-site enterprise music networks

    The SXBR3 connects you to over 200 music channels and now supports Pandora Artist Radio. The player also supports remote scheduling, and can be set-up to automatically change channels based on time and day settings. Programming can take place from anywhere in the world by way of the SiriusXM Central Scheduling Portal. As one of our most versatile streaming players, SXBR3 is a great choice for businesses, large and small.

    SiriusXM Streaming Radio for Business subscription required.

    Visit and enter Offer # 21-30942 and follow the instructions to submit online.

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  • Features
    • Set up easily for use in your business or office
    • No computer required
    • Block unwanted channels and limit employee access to other player features
    • Excellent solution for any size businesses - from single outlet to larger chains
    • 200+ music channels spanning dozens of genres including Pandora Artist Radio
    • 30+ business-exclusive programs with no DJs or interruptions
    • Remote scheduling and dayparting via the SiriusXM central portal
    • Includes Family Friendly program options
    • Music is fully licensed with ASCAP, BMI & SESAC, and legal for business use
    • LAN Ethernet or WiFi connectivity (wired connection is highly recommended to ensure streaming reliability as needed for business use)

    Note: The GDI-SXBR3 requires a subscription to SiriusXM Music for Business. It is not compatible with our consumer-service SiriusXM Internet Radio.