Professional Prepaid Install Card

Model # 120-1102 SXM DTC INSTALLCARD

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    Get a seamless appearance and the best in-vehicle performance from your SiriusXM Onyx Plus, XM Onyx EZ, XM Onyx, SkyDock, Snap, RCi, Edge, XMP3i, and all Sirius Dock and Play radios by leaving your vehicle installation to a recommended local installer.

    InstallCards NOT redeemable for installation service at Best Buy.

    Special Offer: FREE FM Direct Adapter (Reconditioned) included with purchase

    This complete installation solution is compatible with your SiriusXM Onyx Plus, XM Onyx EZ, XM Onyx, SkyDock, Snap, RCi, Edge, XMP3i and all Sirius Dock and Play radios and includes a FREE FM Direct Adapter (Reconditioned) with the purchase of Premium Pre-Paid InstallCard for better audio performance.

    Leave it to the experts: A recommended local installer sets up your XM SkyDock, your XM PowerConnect™ Radio or your Sirius radio seamlessly in your vehicle. Comprehensive installation: For the Sirius Radio and XM PowerConnect™ Radio, this includes installing the Vehicle Antenna, mounting the Vehicle Dock and powering the radio. Connecting the audio signal into your vehicle's stereo will be either by the FM Direct Adapter or a direct connection, like an Aux In Cable or Cassette Adapter, if your vehicle has such an option. For the XM SkyDock, this includes installing the Vehicle Antenna plus installation of the FM Direct Adapter.

    Compatible with almost any vehicle: Includes everything for most vehicle installations, though some vehicles may require additional antenna adapters, optional mounting brackets or additional labor due to the complexity of the installation (may incur additional cost)*.

    Locate a Dealer for Installation: Visit to find a local installer by zip code, and schedule your installation today!

    *Antenna cable connectors are additional items and may be purchased from installers. If your Satellite Radio is equipped with a display and you would like a more factory look, you may choose to have it mounted on a vehicle-specific bracket. This will allow easy access to your radio and give you that best appearance in your vehicle. On some vehicles you may choose to have the Vehicle Antenna mounted through a third brake light or behind a convertible top. European cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc.) and some exotic vehicles may need additional labor due to the complexity of their wiring.

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