SiriusXM Signal Distribution Kit for Use With Satellite & Cable TV Wiring

Model # SXHDK1

Regular Price: $119.99

  • Description
    The Home Signal Distribution Kit for cable or satellite TV plus satellite radio will allow you to get the best signal to a Sirius, SiriusXM or XM Radio using your existing TV RG-6 wiring.
  • Features
    • Compatible with SiriusXM, Sirius and XM radios
    • Place the antenna outside for optimal signal reception and to improve satellite radio enjoyment
    • Simplifies installation by using existing coaxial wiring for cable TV or satellite TV (combiner/splitter system Lets you combine cable TV or satellite TV and satellite radio signals and distribute signal throughout your home using existing wiring)
    • Compatible with DirecTV® (legacy & SWM), DISH Network,™ AT&T™ U-verse,® Verizon™ FiOS,® cable and off-air television systems
    • Radio can be anywhere in the house near a TV jack and up to 150' away from the antenna so you can enjoy satellite radio where you want
    • Uses standard RG-6 cables for antenna installation*
    • All components have standard cable TV connectors (F type) Mount the outdoor home antenna on an exterior wall, chimney, mast or pole
    • Professional installation recommended

    *Standard RG-6 cable is required and can be found at your local electronics or hardware store. The cables come in pre-cut, ready-to-use lengths that fit your needs. Please consult the user manual or a professional installer for more specific information.
  • Product Specs
    • Weight: 1.75 lbs. (794g)

    • Radome Dimensions: 3.5 in x 2.875 in 90 mm x 75 mm

    • Arm Length: 8.0" (203mm)

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